If you are struggling with low moods, depression, fear, anxiety, lack of confidence and feelings of dread, than it may be time to start thinking  differently. Most people live their lives observing what is in their environment, leading them to thinking thoughts about what they are observing, and than feeling feelings that reflect those thoughts. How do you expect to feel good when observing what is? You can’t! If you continue to observe your low back account, lack of meaning or joy at work, the annoying and negative coworker, the bad news on television, your unmotivated spouse or boyfriend than how do you expect to feel good? It is impossible!

Whether you know it or not every single thing that you say to yourself is an affirmation! When you say things like, “I am not good enough”, or “Life is so hard”, or what ever it is you are saying to yourself, you are affirming it and reaffirming it…..meaning you are keeping it that way. You are actually locking it in place with your own words. If you can say these life draining affirmation than you can just as easily say life affirming and supporting  affirmations. The only difference is that you will be saying what has not physically manifested yet. The more you say it, and get it into your belief system, the quicker you will see it.

The trick is not let yourself get pulled into what you are observing. You want to FOCUS ON POTENTIAL, which is UNLIMITTED!

The first thing that you will notice when using positive affirmations is YOU WILL FEEL GOOD. Most people want to feel good anyway, so let this simple fact motivate you to do this. The key is to feel good anyway, because having those things that you want, ( the successful business, plenty of money, the ability to help others with your wealth)  make you feel good. It feels good to have plenty of money in the bank, it feels good to have meaningful and inspiring work, it feels good to have a loving and confident partner. So why wait until those things happen, start feeling good now and see what happens.

If you really think about it, you have nothing to lose by using positive affirmations, actually yes you do, what you will lose is your bad mood, your lack of confidence, lack of motivation, your anxiety, your lack mindset, and very possibly your bad health. And what you will gain is positive feelings, inspiration, creativity, inner peace, confidence,  balance, ease and joy.

So start today with affirming your GREATNESS! Start today affirming the ease of life. Don’t wait for good things to happen before you can experience inner peace and joy. It is up to YOU! You create your experience!

You can start by noticing how you are feeling and if it is not joyful or at least content, turn it upside down and affirm the opposite. If you are feeling lack of motivation, say ” I am inspired.” If you are feeling depressed, say ” I am happy”, or “I am content” If you are feeling anxious and fearful, say ” I am at calm and relaxed.”

You will always feel how you think, so start taking control of your life now, and think in terms of how you want to feel.

Here are a few examples:

I am surrounded by Love

Life is always guiding and supporting me

I am blessed

I am grateful and at ease

Every experience I have is perfect for my growth

I flow easily with new experiences

There is plenty for me and everyone else.

I learn from every experience

As I change my thoughts my experiences change with it.

I am good enough just as I am

I am enjoying the new life I am creating