Gratitude works like magic, the more you use it, the more magic you will experience. If for one day you spent being fully aware of all that you are blessed and fortunate to have, your will be filled with an astounding sense of gratitude and awe.

In our culture, we have been so conditioned to want more, to make more money, to own more things, that we have completely forgotten all that we have. This forgetting is one of the root causes of our lack of joy and feelings of contentment. How can you be content with what you have if you aren’t even aware that you have it, and are primarily focused on what you do not have…you cannot. You cannot have inner peace and joy when focused on lack and what is missing in your life.

Todays challenge is to start this day, and everyday for the rest of this month with making a list of 10 things you are grateful for and why you are grateful for those things. You should give it some thought and see what you are truly grateful for; your bed, because without it you would be sleeping on the floor. How about the running water and electricity you have that provided you with clean water and air conditioning or electricity to cook your food.

After you write your list go back and read each one out loud and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you” for each one. By the time you finish this exercise, you will feel so good, so fortunate, and this is what most if not everyone wants.