Lets talk about thoughts and how they can either uplift you and increase your feeling of well being and inner peace or for most  people they can completely bring you down and ruin your day, your week, your month or even years. For some, even destroy their entire lifetime.

So thoughts come and thoughts go, but most people will find a thought they believe to be true, even it is a bad feeling thought, and simply because they see it to be true, they continue to think about it over and over again.

Did you know that thoughts attract other like thoughts?!? Since thoughts are vibration, or energy, its got magnetic power, and it attracts to it other like thoughts.  And before you know it, you could be on a real hamster wheel of negative thoughts, and have no idea how you even got there.

So you could be thinking about a mistake you made at work today, or something you said to a friend which you regret, and before you know it you are now thinking about some of the things you did 20 years ago, resulting in not only feeling bad about yourself, but completely taking yourself out of your natural aligned space of inner ease.

Thoughts have no power, no power at all, except for the power you give to them. Many people will spend virtually their entire day in their heads thinking, thinking about the past, and the mistakes they made, or thinking about the future and anxiously fearing the unknown.

This is a nightmarish way to live your life.

So for starters, start to become aware of your thoughts simply as that….a thought…nothing more and nothing less.

It is just a passing thought, like you would see a passing car, or a passing cloud. Would you stop a car that was unattractive and hang out in for a few hours just because it was there? Probably not. Than why hang out with thoughts that make you feel awful? So become aware of the thought as that …a thought, and than bring yourself back to the present moment. You can come back to the present by observing your breathing, or by focusing on your heart center and breathing through that, drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit, listen to some uplifting music, or whatever makes you happy. The point here is to get out of the virtual reality of your thoughts, and come back to your life. This is where your power is!

So start making this a practice of becoming aware of your thoughts and than coming back to the present moment, the now. This practice alone will not only help to put some space in between you and your thoughts, but will greatly increase you peace and happiness.