When you find yourself feeling scared, anxious, depressed, frustrated or any of the negative emotions we all feel at times there is 1 thing that I highly recommend doing. It is a simple but powerful and effective technique that can be done anywhere at anytime.

Most of the time we are operating from our minds, our brains the left/right thinking organ that sees either/or, black/white, good/bad, he/she, me/you, woman/man, democrat/republican, and is very logical and rationale so it does not see the whole picture of how things REALLY are. It doesn’t see the whole of things.

Since it is left/right brain operated, its main functions are already separated and divided, so how could you get the whole picture of how things really are. If we are always being guided by this limited way of perceiving the world, we are very limited in the information we can access and are mostly living off and in fear, separation, judgment and lack.  Wonder why there is so much depression, anxiety, judgment and hatred in the world…..?……

This type of ongoing thinking and perceiving of reality creates a life of anxiety, fear, division, lack mindedness, and overall dread and depression.

Where is the JOY? Where is the LOVE?

When we shift our focus from perceiving from the mind to perceiving from the heart, many different and wonderful things happen…. we shift from fear to love….we shift from judgment to understanding…..we shift from confusion to clarity….we shift from anxiety to calm …. we shift from competition to compassion…

WE shift to LOVE.  We have came home to our hearts….we came home to ourselves….we came home to LOVE…our  natural state.

So this is how to do this….

Place your attention/focus on your heart center, that place in the center of your chest. When you place your hand there it may be easier to focus in that area.

Take slow deep breaths through your nose but imagine that your are breathing through that heart space.

Do this for a few minutes.

I recommend starting your day like this and doing it several times through out the day…this will keep you balanced and calm and since it is the place of your own personal wisdom, you will have access to information that you would not have otherwise when you stay mind/brain focused/aware.

This can be something you do everyday to rebalance yourself.

If you have a tough decision to make or you are having questions or doubts about something, you could ask yourself a question while doing the exercise, and before you even finish the question, you may have your answer. The heart does not have the same fears, anxiety’s and judgments that your brain does and will answer in truth and for your highest and best.

Trust your heart! It is your own personal wisdom right beneath your nose.