Did you ever wonder how your thoughts and feelings affect your life? Have you ever pondered how the way you view things has an affect on the outcome? These are wonderful things to think about. Since we are the ones who are thinking about our lives, it only makes sense that how we view things directly impacts the outcome. Just think back to your childhood or even the recent past and some of the thoughts you had about a certain thing,  now think about how that impacted the outcome. Did your thoughts help or hurt you? Well, if your thoughts were negative, and fear based, you most likely did not have a positive outcome. If your thoughts were supportive and positive in nature, I bet the outcome was more on the positive side, if not outright awesome.

What this is telling us is that WE are the ones that determine the outcome of our experience. Its our thoughts and feelings about it that impact the outcome, not other people or circumstances that determine it. It is us. It has always been US! WE are the creators or our experiences.

Think about a day when you woke up and maybe were not feeling so great, so you decided to shift your thoughts and affirm the positive. Did you notice that you started to feel better, but not only that, did you notice that the quality of your thoughts improved? That is because since thoughts like other things in life are attractive, meaning like attracts like, your positive thoughts attracted other like thoughts.

The bottom line is you can create a day that is enjoyable by choosing your thoughts deliberately. So when you wake up affirm” This is a great day. I am energized. I am calm and at ease.” “I am blessed.” Since we feel the way we think, you will be the cause of your own good feeling, rather than feeling good because of what happened, or because of what someone said to you, or for any other reason other than your own doing and being.

You are the placebo! You did it yourself….and when the day gets really good, and you are feeling on top of the world, you can say “I did that!” The same goes for bad days, you can say “I did that “, and than chose your thoughts more carefully and intentionally from that point forward.