When we meditate what we are doing is we are stopping thought, at least it is slowed down and not focused on deliberately. You may say I cant meditate because I cant stop my thoughts from coming, and that is understandable, but what you are doing is, you are not deliberately thinking thoughts, which is what happens when not in meditation. We may think about this and think about that, and that is why meditation is so important, it is giving yourself some space to let go of thinking and focus your attention on something other than thought.

So when we meditate, we are getting out of our own way and we are letting ourselves tune to a higher frequency or energy. We are literally calibrating ourselves, our energy or vibration, our self to the frequency of our Source. This is why is feels so good. Some may say that it does not feel good, it feels like work, it is uncomfortable and that is because we have become so used to and conditioned to thinking thoughts, and mostly resistant thoughts. Resistant thoughts are the opposite of your Source, and this is why it may seem difficult.

So if you make this is daily practice where you wake up 15-20 minutes earlier each day and set aside 15-20 minutes to tune yourself, to calibrate to a higher frequency, you will be giving yourself a good head start to your day. If you make this a priority, making yourself a priority, the benefits will be undeniable.

It may seem like an additional task on your to do list, but this one thing will make a significant difference in your life that is invaluable.

Meditation is focused attention on one singular thing. You could meditate on a word, such as “peace”, your breath, a sound. Either way, you are focusing your attention on one thing. I like to meditate on my breath as it brings an inner calm and peace within. Some people have found it helpful to meditate on the sound of the air conditioner or heater or a fan, a drip of from the faucet. Whatever it is for you, keep your attention on it and when you find your mind has wondered, and it will, notice that it has wondered, and bring your attention back to the object of meditation. Continue doing this for 15-20 minutes as it will get easier with practice.

Be easy about it, its supposed to be a gentle practice, not forced or strained, that will defeat the purpose.

Just start where you are and feel appreciation for your efforts.