Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling really good that things just seem to fall in place, things seem to work out easily sometimes with little effort?

Have you noticed that when your feeling crappy, or down or depressed or frustrated or agitated, that things just seem to get worse, things don’t work out well or with ease? Did you ever wonder why this was happening, why sometimes everything is great and other times they are awful?

Are you wondering what is going on and how to get life to work better for you all the time or at least more of the time?

Well the common denominator here is YOU! But more specifically, your point of focus or attention.

When you are focusing on something that is negative, and you are having negative thoughts about it, it is causing you to feel negative feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration, agitation, impatience, jealousy, shame, doubt, unworthiness, etc….. These feelings take you out of alignment with who you really are. The feelings are an indication or guidance to you that what you are thinking about your inner being, or source within does not have those same feelings, or agree with,  and is guiding you away from those thoughts….back into a state of alignment.

Just try it for a minute, focus on something or someone that makes you upset or angry and see how you feel. Now focus on something or someone you love or something that you are proud of, or look at a tree, the blue sky, beautiful flowers and see how you feel. You will notice positive feelings….this is telling you that your Source within agrees with you and so you are in full alignment. You and you are in alignment…this is your natural state!

We have an emotional guidance system that is with us and available to us all the time, when we are talking with friends, co workers, alone, all the time, and the way we are guided is through our feelings.

So not only are you being guided to reach for better feeling thoughts so that you will be in alignment with who you really are,  but so that you are in a state of allowance.

Allowance is when you are relaxed, at ease, content and open to allow all the things you want to flow into your experience.

The opposite is also true, when you are out of alignment, that is, when you are angry, or upset or judgmental, you are in a state of resistance. Resistance is when you are closed off, contracted, and not allowing good things to flow to you. Your state of resistance will not allow your positive feelings to flow through you at first, but is also will not allow all the good you want to flow to you. Good things like the job you want, the successful business, the friends, lovers, money, success, good health, etc….

The key is to stay aware of how you are feeling and always reach for feeling better, and we do this by reaching for better feeling thoughts.

When you do this, you will feel better, more at ease, and satisfied, which is something we all want to feel, but you will also allow the things you want to flow to you with ease. The key here is to be relaxed, at ease and feeling good.

If you say, “Well I can’t be at ease or joyful, my boss is a real jerk, or my co workers are rude and careless, or my partner is lazy and unmotivated.” True you cannot change these other people, but you can change how you think about them, which will change how you feel, which will change your experience.

Give it a try….when driving to work tomorrow, listen to uplifting and fun music or a podcast. When at work think thoughts that make you feel good, instead of how rotten your boss or co workers are. When at home, think about the positive aspects of your partner or the positive aspects of your home.

Shifting your point of focus to things that make you feel good and having those positive feelings will be the first things you that allow into your experience, but when you keep this up, it will not be long before other physical manifestations will appear.

You create your experience, make it feel good!